League of Legends Patch 10.18 Notes Announced


Riot Games has released patch notes for League of Legends 10.18 Patch, where many champions and Guard runes are rebalanced.

Riot Games has shared the 10.18 Patch release notes, which will be available to League of Legends players as of September 3, and formalized the big and small changes awaiting players. According to this; While Galio, Ashe and Sett, one of the most popular champions of the game, were nerfed; Some idle characters such as Miss Fortune, Rumble, Twitch are buffed.

Stating that the support has focused on the “Guardians” recently, Riot Games said, “We are making some adjustments and trying to make some different key rune options appear.” In a sense, he states that the Guardians will be rebalanced and alternative runes will be revealed.

League of Legends 10.18 Patch notes

Mind Operator Sona, Vi, Shen, Master Yi and Ezreal; Hextech Ziggs and Mind Operator Ezreal Prestige Series will be available on September 3, 2020.
One of Us is returning with Operation Mind on September 3, 2020.
Ahri – Passive replaced with Q’s passive. Can now heal all abilities. W now grants movement speed, deals 200% damage to low health minions, and is better at targeting low health minions.
Ashe – Base attack damage decreased.
Galio – Q base damage decreased.
Jarvan IV – Q’s base damage increased.
Kayle – Q mana regen removed. W cost increased. E cost increased, rate of fire increased.
Kog’Maw – Base health and armor growth decreased.
Miss Fortune – Base attack speed growth increased.
Rumble – Q total damage increased.
Sett – Passive right fist changed to strengthen with bonus attack damage. The ratio of Q bonus damage to the target’s max health is now fixed. Bonus damage ratio now increases for every 100 Total Attack Damage.
Shen – Passive shield decreased.
Shyvana – E’s dragon-shaped explosion field widened. Dragon form visuals and cast indicator now correctly show the hit area of ​​the ability. Ground damage trigger speed decreased while in dragon form.
Twitch – E damage per stack increased. R damage reduction per enemy hit decreased.
Xin Zhao – W dash damage increased.
Guardian – 0.25 ability power to 0.15 ability power; +0.12 bonus health reduced to +0.09 bonus health.

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