League of Legends (LoL) | Return of the Bastion Project


League of Legends: We tell you everything we know about the return of Project: Bastion and its skins to League of Legends starting next May 21, 2021. Riot Games confirms that at the end of this month of May they will bring back “Project” to League of Legends, among other novelties that surround the franchise. It is a line of skins that is part of a dystopian alternative futuristic universe. Specifically, it is a location related to the characters of (Upper City / Lower City) and features aspects of the champions displaying various cybernetic enhancements and mechanized artificial intelligence. Below we will tell you everything we know about this return of the Project, this time bearing the tagline “Bastion”.

“The opposing factions that you already knew in the past will have to unite to fight against a new threat activated by the mysterious virus PROGRAM.”

Dates and versions of Project Bastion in League of Legends

Dates: between May 27 and June 28, 2021
During versions 11.11, 11.12 and 11.13

The keys to the Bastion Project in League of Legends

There will be seven new skins available when the event begins: PROJECT: Mordekaiser, PROJECT: Renekton, PROJECT: Sylas, PROJECT: Sejuani, PROJECT: Senna, PROJECT: Varus, and PROJECT: Sylas (Prestige Edition).
Nexus Bombardment will be the game mode for this event.
In addition to skins, we can also find new borders, icons, emoticons and loot with the PROJECT event pass.
Something that we do not know in detail yet is a Prestige Edition that has not yet been revealed for a classic PROJECT skin during version 11.13, available in exchange for 100 Prestige Points.
The PROJECT: Sylas Skin (Prestige Edition) can be unlocked for 2,000 tokens from the PROJECT: Bastion event. Symbols can be earned until the PROJECT: Bastion event ends (June 28) and will expire two weeks later.


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