League of Legends (LoL): meet new champion Samira


League of Legends (LoL) will receive the new set of Psy Ops skins and the new champion Samira. Riot Games released a trailer on Twitter this Monday (31) to show the news, which should arrive in patch 10.18, next Wednesday (2), along with buffs and nerves of characters already present in the game. Samira will be the fourth character released in 2020, joining Sett, Lillia and Yone. In turn, the set adds new models to several champions, in addition to a new legendary skin for champion Sona.


The new champion of League of Legends belongs to the sniper category and is the first ADC launched since Aphelios, in December 2019. Revealed on video last Sunday (30), Samira has the ability to switch between close and distance attacks, with the expectation of having a lot of mobility within Summoner’s Rift.

The Desert Rose has a gameplay focused on her passive: with each attack on opponents, the shooter increases her rank, which goes from E to S, receiving attack speed and movement. By switching between basic attacks and her skills, Samira can only perform her Ultimate skill when she reaches the highest rank.

Information about its history is still scarce. However, Riot revealed that after her home was destroyed when she was still a child in Shurima, the champion found her true calling in Noxus, where she built her reputation by accepting missions of the highest caliber.

Samira also has a special rivalry with Xerath. According to his lore, the wizard of Shurima was driven mad by his own power, seeking to take what he believes to be his own and replace existing civilizations with one created in his own image. According to the words of the Desert Rose, he was responsible for the death of his former home.

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