League of Legends: Kai’Sa becomes a realistic cosplay


League of Legends has always been a huge success, but lately it has been getting even more prominence thanks to the launch of its mobile version of League of Legends Wild Rift. To enjoy the hype of the new game, how about checking out a beautiful Kai’Sa cosplay?

Among the more than 140 champions created by Riot Games, Kai’Sa was chosen by the Polish cosplayer Kamila “Andrasta” as the theme of an incredible rehearsal. To help with visual fidelity, she had the help of friends Sky Cosplay and Kinpatsu, and the final result rewarded the trio’s efforts:

If these photos weren’t enough for you, Andrasta also took a chance on an Evelynn cosplay, as you can see below:

To check out even more photos of Andrasta, just visit her personal Twitter or Instagram. What did you think of these rehearsals? What is your favorite LOL character? Comment below!


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