League of Legends Is Giving Away Free Content to Compensate for Problems with the Star Guardian Event


League of Legends remains one of the most popular games in the world, thanks in no small part to frequent MOBA updates by Riot Games developer. The latest example is the Star Guardian event, dedicated to how League of Legends characters become magical girls. However, as any fan of live service games knows, even big games like League of Legends can run into technical problems. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case with Star Guardian, which, unfortunately, was canceled, but there is also a positive side.

Like most live-action gaming events, the League of Legends Star Guardian event was built around a progression system encouraging players to log in every day and complete various missions. Unfortunately, these missions were not carried out properly, which hindered the progress of players in League of Legends and made it impossible to receive the best Star Guardian awards. Firstly, Riot decided to extend the event, but as problems with progress continue, they decided to end the event ahead of schedule.

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Due to the early completion of free missions, Star Guardian Riot has confirmed that it will provide all players with free rewards scheduled for this event, regardless of what progress they have earned. The only limitation is that Star Guardian rewards will not be unlocked for brand new accounts. Rewards include emotions, badges, various essences, masterpiece chests and keys, and even the Star Guardian 2022 sphere. This should be a decent trophy for any League of Legends player.

Keep in mind that free rewards are only offered for the free progress track of the Star Guardian event. The premium track is not unlocked, so League of Legends players who have purchased the upgrade will have to continue completing missions to earn their rewards. Although these Star Guardian Awards will not be given away for free, Riot is extending the event. Missions will be available until August 24.

The unfortunate conclusion Riot must have reached was that there wasn’t enough time to fix the problem, even if it extended the Star Guardian event. Since this couldn’t solve the problem and couldn’t extend the event, giving League of Legends players free rewards was the best alternative. The only other option would be to leave many League of Legends players without the opportunity to earn their rewards, which no game with a live service wants to do.

Overall, it’s clear that this is a huge disappointment for League of Legends. The Star Guardian theme is one of the most popular in League of Legends, and many wanted to play a MOBA event normally. Getting free rewards will certainly appease some frustrated League of Legends players, but that’s not the experience. Of course, Riot itself will certainly be disappointed with the situation. We hope that future League of Legends events will go much more smoothly.

League of Legends is already available on PC.


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