League of Legends Introduces New Pokemon-inspired Monster Tamer Skins


Throughout the almost 13-year history of the game, League of Legends has presented many unique and creative skins for a large list of characters. From a series of K/DA skins inspired by pop stars to homages to popular media such as anime-inspired Star Guardian skins, the Sorceress Girl, Riot Games continues to create visually striking alternative images for its characters. Now the newest set of cosmetics that appeared in the game is inspired by one of the most iconic game franchises.

A survey conducted by Riot Games at the beginning of last year allowed fans to vote for three different themes that will be featured in the future line of skins for League of Legends. Players were asked to choose between the dark and moody Crime City Nightmare theme, the elegant and suave Debonair 2.0 and the Pokemon-inspired Monster Tamer themes. While Crime City Nightmare won a landslide victory, garnering almost half of the global votes, Debonair 2.0 won China’s vote, and Riot also said they would consider Monster Tamer later. Now League of Legends has officially introduced Monster Tamer skins for three champions.

A new video posted on the League of Legends Twitter account shows the first three skins in the new Monster Tamer theme featuring Weigar, who’Mau and Lulu. Three skins represent each champion with smaller companion characters that resemble the style of fantastic Pokemon creatures. Each skin also contains several small references to the Pokemon franchise. One of Weigar’s abilities creates PCs similar to the Pokemon storage system, and the animation of the return of the Cog’Mau shows his tiny creatures emerging from the tall grass.

The new Pokemon-inspired League of Legends cosmetics won’t be the first time MOBA pays homage to other popular video games. The Arcade skin series draws inspiration from classic arcade games and includes many alternative images inspired by classic games for champions such as Riven and Miss Fortune. Other skin themes, such as Warring Kingdoms and Beast Hunter, have references to popular modern game franchises such as Dynasty Warriors and Monster Hunter. Riot even included some links to their own games, such as Ruined King, in the form of skins in League of Legends.

New Monster Tamer skins in League of Legends have appeared after the return of one of the most popular skin lines in the game. In the latest update, the Star Guardian skin line has returned with many new sorceress skins for several champions, including Akali, Sindra and Talia. League of Legends is also developing several major reworkings of champions for characters such as Udir and Aurelion Sol. Monster Tamer skins from League of Legends pay homage to one of the most legendary gaming franchises and should be a great purchase for Pokemon fans.

League of Legends is already available on PC.


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