League of Legends Grand National Final on Twitch


The championship looks for its absolute winner after three months of competition. This event will take place in Spain on Saturday, September 26.

The Red Bull Solo Q National Final is about to meet its big winner. This Saturday, September 26, the best League of Legends players in Spain will meet once again after three months of competition, playoffs and great confrontations. But only one can be the winner, only one will win the trophy for the best 1 vs 1 amateur player from the Riot Games phenomenon.

September 26 at 6:00 p.m. – Follow the Red Bull Solo Q National Final live

As we have been telling in MeriStation since this summer, the National Final will be the culmination of a most contested championship, with players who have shown their professional stature in the face of an individual coronation that will come from one of the following 16 names: Tamsky , Freeloy, NΞSZI, Chronic, AsiDC797, NiuNai, nemesio09, Artemaniaco, iDannez, Zirev, Xoργενσεν (JorgenseN), Goatbulance, Im Kai Sing, r3z0, Nujwk and Khaos.

One of them will rise as the winner. We will see it on Twitch and we will hear it in the voice of Rarum, the host of this long-awaited appointment, who will not be alone: ​​he will be accompanied by Jaime Mellado and Toad, whose narratives are perfectly known in the national spectrum of League of Legends and many other esports. The grand final already has a clear line-up and decided rules: a best-of-three match (Bo3), with the exception that the last match, the grand final of the finals, will be the best of five games (Bo5) to guarantee that the luck factor is the least decisive possible.

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