League of Legends: Clash Calendar For 2022, All The Details


League of Legends: After the beginning of the 2022 season another year of Clash arrives and here we detail the annual tournament calendar that begins today. League of Legends is synonymous with competitions and tournaments. One of the pioneering games in the field of esports continues to offer new events, whether professional or for any type of player, in the middle of 2022. With the presentation of the new annual season, another year of Clash also arrives and here we tell you everything you have to know about it, in addition to leaving you with the calendar that they have shared from Riot Games.

What is Clash in League of Legends?

It is a monthly tournament that began in April 2018 and continues for another year. It is a competitive game mode where we can form teams of five players to compete against other teams of our level. It is worth mentioning that to create the teams we can do it from Monday, but that the matches will take place during the weekend, on Saturday or Sunday. If we win the three indicated games we can get a trophy and various rewards, which will improve as we win more. If, on the other hand, our team loses the first round, we will always have the option of playing consolation games to improve the total prizes.

What do you need to participate in Clash?

be level 30
Completed placement matches in one of the ranked queues on Summoner’s Rift
Have verified your account via SMS (a new feature specific to Clash)