League of Legends: All for One is back for a limited time


LoL players, here comes good news! With the arrival of the 10.18 themed patch of the new PsyOps skins, bringing several new customizations and buffs for League of Legends players, one of the biggest highlights of the expansion is due to the resurgence of the All for One mode, which is now available for a while limited, being expired in the next game update, scheduled for the end of September.

For those unfamiliar, the All for One is a 5v5 game mode in Summoner’s Rift that allows players to join a team of doppelgangers with the same champion, elected through the majority of the participants’ votes. That way, teammates stay level and must show their skills and techniques with the same character.

“No more secrets. No more loyalties. Get in on the 3rd of September at 1pm PT to the 30th of September at 5pm PT with new skins, chromas, emotes and the return of All for One!”

The League of Legends patch 10.18 is now available to all players, bringing 6 new skins and having Ezreal as the star in a prestigious edition. The Hextech Repair Tool is also now available in the store and Ahri and Sett have had a number of improvements, including the addition of a new passive.

League of Legends: All for One is back for a limited time via Voxel

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