League of Legends: Ahri And Janna Will Undergo Rework Next Year


League of Legends: Riot Games this week announced some plans to be executed in League of Legends in 2022. Among the news for next year is the fact that Champions Janna and Ahri will undergo a rework.

According to the developer, the rework with the characters will take place at the beginning of the year, as they “have been disadvantaged lately”. “These changes will be smaller than the rework for Tahm Kench, but still important (like Lucian’s recent update),” says an excerpt from the publication on the game’s official website.

According to Bryan Salvatore, Chief Designer of Champions, the rework process has paid off and will therefore be continued for the next season. Despite this, he stressed that the goals for the characters will be better defined and that more details about the cases of Janna and Ahri will soon be released.

Other actions

Salvatore also said that despite the good acceptance of preseason 2022 of League of Legends, some aspects are still being observed. He cited, for example, the terrain of Dragon Quimtec and Dragon Soul, which will gain changes in update 12.1 that add Flowering plants in optimized locations for the defense team. “We knew the Quimtec Dragon would be an amazing addition, and we’ll keep an eye on it.”

Patch 12.1, which will be released in January, will also feature changes to the Teleport Summoner Spell. Before 14 minutes, the hit will have a longer cooldown, and can only target turrets. After 14 minutes, the recharge time will be reduced.

Another promise from Riot Games is that in the first half of 2022 some Fighter items will undergo changes. Among them, the Jaw of Malmortius and Dance of Death must be changed so that the Champions leaving Sterak have suitable alternatives.