League of Graphs: how to see runes and LoL stats


League of Legends, also affectionately known as LoL, is not only the biggest success of Riot Games, but it is one of the most played online games in the world for some years. But it’s not just skins that please your audience. Currently, the free PC MOBA even shows some important statistics to its players at the end of each game. But it is on third party sites like League of Graphs that we can see even more statistics in a very detailed way.

The site is very secure and has accurate information about the most popular champions, champions with the highest victory rate, items most used by professional players and rune combinations for each character. Of course, at first glance, the site may seem slightly complicated, even by the amount of information. So, so that you have no doubts, you can see our tips below on how to use League of Graphs and have access to all the data that can help you in LoL!

Profile statistics

Most likely, you will want to start using League of Graphs to view your own LoL account data. This can be very valuable to get a sense of champions that you usually use and your performance with each one. It is also possible to check the profile of other people you know, as you only search for the player’s name instead of logging into the site.

To do this, just access the League of Graphs on this link and look for the search field at the top of the website’s home menu. There, you must write the name of your account (or the player you want to check) and click on the corresponding profile that appears.

In doing so, you can see your last matches played, which champions you used in them, the damage done, the gold advantage, your KDA with each character and your winning percentage with them.

You can choose between ranked and regular matches, depending on what you play the most. Other than that, you can click on specific matches to see how you, your allies and the enemy team acted throughout the game and what items and runes you used.


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