League of Legends and TFT receive patch 10.7; see update highlights


League of Legends (LoL) and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) receive the 10.7 update this Wednesday (01). Among the highlights of the Riot Games MOBA patch is the rework of Fiddlesticks and buffs on Galio, Akali and Nasus. In Auto Chess TFT, several cost units five have been weakened and some origins have changed. Check out the patch notes and major updates from the update below.

League of Legends
Fiddlesticks is the biggest highlight of the patch, and arrives at the main server with its update transforming it into a horrifying creature that promises to bring chaos to Summoner’s Rift. Ancestral Terror has a new skill kit, but with some crucial characteristics remaining, such as Terrifying your Q and your ultimate Raven Storm. Your Wicked Harvest now sucks the life out of all nearby enemies and not just one, making your life in the jungle much easier. Your E becomes Reaper, an attack that damages an area with its scythe, silencing and slowing enemies.

Other balancing changes arrived for some champions. Galio’s ultimate Heroic Entrance now guarantees a colossus W-like magic shield for all allies in the area for five seconds. Another change was with Nasus, who for every 35 stacks of his Q, his Wither ability gains more casting range, reaching a limit of 200 additional range. For fans of the killer Akali, she received a reduction in cooldown on her ultimate, allowing more advances available for less time. Honorable mentions from buffs: Kai’Sa, Xin Zhao, Corki and Ivern.

In the list of nerfs, highlight to Wukong, Garen and Nocturne. The king ape has done a lot of damage with his small upgrade in skills and, therefore, will have a decrease in damage to his E. His passive armor has also been weakened. Garen also experienced weaknesses in his passive, decreasing the time it is active and its movement speed with Q. Nocturne has reduced health regeneration and magic resistance.

Teamfight Tactics
The third set of Teamfight Tactics is already well established, and something that was noticed from the beginning was the strength of the legendary five-cost units. Of the six legendary units, five had changes to further balance their impact on the game. The two mercenaries Gangplank and Miss Fortune had large damage reductions in their abilities and mana, while Ekko and Aurelion Sol received a lower nerf in damage. Lulu was the least affected, receiving a small reduction in attack speed.

There have been two changes to how the Black Star origin and the Manamante class work. Now, when a Black Star unit dies, all allies receive Attack Damage and Ability power, being +25 with three units and +35 with six. With Manamants, the effect of four units was removed and applied to two units, with the attack of two Manamants increasing the target’s mana by 40%.

Honorable mentions from buffs: Blade Masters, Snipers and Time Storms. Xayah, Darius, Xin Zhao, Kassadin, Soraka, Wukong and Vel’Koz. Statikk knife and Warmog’s armor.
Honorable mentions from nerfs: Fighters and Mystics. Ezreal and Shaco. Morellonomicon and Red Effect.


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