League of Legends: The Most Mixed Champion in History: Aphelios


Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends now includes 146 new champions. Riot started preparing to add a new one to these characters. Here is the complex champion Aphelios, who has 5 different weapons and each one has different abilities.

First published on October 27, 2009, the League of Legends has hosted many champions since its inception. First published with 40 champions, the League of Legends added a number of champions to 146. Riot Games has decided to add another name to these champions, but this time the champion is nothing like the previous ones.

Riot Games, the game usually brings quite a reaction with the champions. The reason for this is that these champions are stronger than all other champions at the time of their first appearance. When Riot usually releases new champions to the game, it naturally exaggerates the limit of his power, and so these champions draw reaction. The new character Riot is about to bring into play also reacts, but this time it’s not about high power.

Aphelios the most complex champion in the history of League of Legends

Our new champion in League of Legends is Aphelios, the lunari warrior who has a complicated game and requires time and attention to get used to it. Aphelios; Calibrum, Severum, Gravitum, Infernum and Crescendum are the only characters with 5 different weapons, as well as the only champion without an active E ability.

Our champion can use these 5 different weapons in order, but you cannot control which weapon to use when and when. You can switch between Aphelios, the primary and secondary weapon location, but you cannot control which weapon will be placed in these areas. The interface specially developed for our champion includes Q capability adapted to each weapon, W ability to switch between primary and secondary weapons, and R ability, which we call ulti. E key is disabled in this champion.

Calibrium is a nudge weapon and has an additional range of normal attacks. If the abilities do damage with Calibrum, the opponents are marked. Aphelios right-clicks on the marked opponents from anywhere on the map and attacks them with the normal attack of his secondary weapon. This attack detonates other nearby signs to inflict additional damage to the marked targets.

Q skill Moon Shot: Shoots a skill shot that deals damage to and marks the first unit that hits it.

Ability R Moonlight Vigil: The Moonlight Vigil’s explosion-following attacks mark all hit enemies. These marks do more damage when consumed.

Severum is a survival weapon that returns some of Aphelios’ damage as healing. Severum’s overheating provides Aphelios with a small shield.

Q Ability Slaughter: Aphelios gains movement speed and quickly fires both his primary and secondary weapon to attack his nearest opponent. This attack gives champions priority and inflicts less damage than normal attacks.

Ability R Moonlight Vigil: Moonlight Vigil gives Aphelios a constant improvement.

Gravitum is a functional weapon that applies the effect of slowing down to the opponents.

Q ability Eclipse: Damages and fixes all opponents under the slowdown effect of Gravitum. The eclipse does not use Aphelios’ secondary weapon.

Ability Moonlight Vigilance: Attacks after Moonlight Vigilance will slow down opponents to a much greater extent.


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