Lea is the victim of the accident because of Pavel!


Léa is in the hospital because of Boher in Plus belle la vie. Pavel wanted revenge for his daughter Irina. And everything goes wrong.

Léa is in danger of death in Plus belle la vie. And it’s all because of Boher! When he married Irina, he got the wrong name and said that of the young woman. Which drives his future wife totally crazy. And that is understandable!

The problem is, Irina’s father is no other than Pavel. And this man is really dangerous. Especially since he has been on the run for some time and has just lost Luna. So there is nothing more to lose. He then swears to avenge his daughter.

So the criminal attacks Léa in Plus belle la vie. And the young woman will end up in the hospital between life and death. And it’s a complex situation for Jean-Paul who didn’t expect so much retaliation. Everyone turns their backs on him.

In a moment of indiscretion we see the girl’s relatives in the hospital. And they are really bad. “Boher was Pavel’s target. By the time this jerk said her name at her wedding it was obvious he was going to take it out on her. ”


And just then, Boher arrives at Plus belle la vie hospital. And he has red eyes from crying. But it is not well received. The policeman assaults Boher. “There’s a killer on the loose. Go back to the field. It’s an order. ”

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Léa is between life and death. She is undergoing surgery. But good news. A nurse arrives and tells them the news “everything is under control! The young woman is therefore saved.

We will therefore have to wait for the sequel to Plus belle la vie to see if Lea will come out of it without any consequences. But for now, everything is off to a good start. Is she going to blame Boher? Case to be continued.


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