Le Monarque from Destiny 2 may enter the top five PvE Exotics


Less than two weeks before the long-awaited Bungie Destiny 2 demo on August 23, which will probably tell more about the 18th season, the re-raid and the expansion of Lightfall. The “Ghosts” season was accompanied by many sandbox changes, especially in PvP, starting with flinch resistance and accuracy in the air, which became valuable characteristics for investment, but also some changes were made to weapons depending on their characteristics. The same philosophy is behind every sandbox update in Destiny 2, and today Bungie announced some changes planned for the 18th season.

A lot is changing in the Destiny 2 sandbox with season 18, and Bungie is true to its promise to make more exotic items with intrinsic abilities against champions over time – which made Arbalest one of the best guns in the game after it got Anti—Champion. Barrier cartridges. Like Arbalest, Wishender will receive anti-barrier arrows in season 18, as well as many other PvE buffs that will make it a more competitive option. The explosions of the Atrocity will also stun the Unstoppable Champions, the Thunderbolt bullets will stun the Overload Champions, as well as the arrows of Le Monarch, which makes the latter a potentially first-class PvE weapon.

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Why Le Monarque in Destiny 2 can become one of the best exotics

Le Monarque is an exotic bow that shoots poisonous arrows when players accurately time the shot, which is not a difficult task with Destiny 2 bows — especially with this weapon, given that there is an arrow readiness indicator on its handle. When players are hit in the head with poisonous arrows from Le Monarque, the unique Exotic ability is activated, creating a poisonous explosion around the target, which imposes a gradual damage effect on all enemies in the area. This makes Le Monarque an exceptional weapon in PvE because it can handle all kinds of targets at any difficulty, even undermining the health of powerful bosses.

Since season 18 will provide Le Monarque with its own rounds of overload protection when players shoot poison arrows, this exotic will probably rank in the top five in PvE activities outside of some raids and dungeons. Overload Champions are among the most annoying Destiny 2 enemies to face most of the time, as they are constantly regaining their health and can often crash in a way that forces them to shoot even when stunned. It doesn’t help that most of Destiny 2’s weapons don’t handle overload champions very well either.

An example is the submachine gun, an otherwise excellent archetype of weapon that is widely used in PvE due to its potential to clean up add-ons. However, even with the Overload SMG mod installed, players need to shoot halfway through the magazine to stun the champion, which is often dangerous and also annoying if the enemy keeps moving. Le Monarque solves this problem by breaking Destiny 2 overload champions with their poison damage over time, as each tick of poison damage counts as anti-overload damage.

This means that players can safely shoot overload champions in the head from a distance, constantly applying damage effects that simplify overload champions. On top of that, overload arrows also give Le Monarch a damage debuff against enemies hit by poison arrows, which means Destiny 2 players can use this bow with great success even in actions such as the Grandmaster’s Twilight Raids. In general, there is a high probability that this exotic bow will find much wider use in PvE and will become a mandatory item of equipment for every season after the 18th, since the increased efficiency of Le Monarque will not be tied to seasonal modifications.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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