LCD screen that looks like TCL ‘electronic paper’


During IFA 2020, TCL announced a new display technology called NXTPAPER, which is aimed at tablets and e-readers. The novelty promises to replace e-ink panels and bring more functions to devices focused on reading, but without giving up eye comfort.

According to the manufacturer, the NXTPAPER is a combination of e-ink and LCD screens used in smartphones. The new panel supports Full HD resolution, can be used to display videos and has 25% more contrast than the technologies present in e-readers today.

As for reading comfort, TCL said it has 11 patents aimed at protecting the eyes. The technologies that will be applied in NXTPAPER include a reflection mechanism that reuses natural light so that the display does not need internal lighting.

The company also points out that the new technology is 36% less thick than LCD panels and 65% more efficient. As a result, the trend is that devices with NXTPAPER are thin and use smaller batteries, but without losing power autonomy.

TCL has just released a rendering of the new panel for reading devices and has not presented a product demo so far. The company has not yet provided a launch date for the technology, but said it will bring more information about NXTPAPER in the future.

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