Lay Zhang stars in the second part of LIT, his new album


Lay releases the second part of his solo album. Lay Zhan releases the second part of his album “LIT” and faces the wrath of a dragon.

The Chinese singer surprised his fans with new music, in which he incorporates Chinese elements from his culture as classical instruments. The EXO member once again demonstrated his popularity in his native country.

Through the musical platforms , Lay released “LIT part.2”, the continuation of his album that is made up of 12 songs, making a total of 18 singles by the idol. The cover of “LIT” is a typical Chinese illustration, similar to an ancient parchment.

Lay wants to return to the pure essence of M-pop , that is, music in Mandarin. After the first hours of its release, fans have expressed their emotion on social networks, as they ensure that each song is worth it.

About the dragon that appears in the MV of “LIT”, released a month ago, Lay explained that it is a way of symbolizing himself, since it represents his desires, aspirations and the search for perfection “.

The hip hop single is a message about not giving up, no matter that people don’t understand your dreams. Each track of LIT part. 2 combines the modernity of Lay’s rap, the powerful beats of hip hop and the sound of Chinese instruments.

Lay will also make you fall in love while singing “Call my name”, the dark and enigmatic concept will not come out of your head while listening to the album. Fans also shared their congratulations for the idol, who proved to be highly talented and will not stop listening to any of the 18 tracks.

Lay’s success is such that a story that was inspired by the idol will become a movie, the fan fiction “My teacher, my husband” became very popular on Wattpad and its author sold the rights to make it to the big screen. .

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