Lay Zhang celebrates his birthday with a surprise party


Lay’s co-workers organized to celebrate his birthday with a surprise party, and the idol’s fans joined the commemoration with thousands of messages of love for another year of the idol’s life.

Zhang Yixing was born on October 7, 1991 in the town of Changsha in the city of Hunan in China, from a very young age he developed a great love for dance, music and artistic expressions. At age 9, he came to television as part of the cast of one of the most popular shows in that country, hosted by Jimmy Lin.

Lay’s ambitious dreams did not stop and he won second place in the ‘Star Academy’ program and in 2008 the singer joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, where he would debut as a member of the band EXO within the M subunit.

Lay is currently making great solo achievements in China, Korea, and his impact has reached all parts of the world, where his music is listened to and his unique vision of music is shown to viewers.


While Yixing was at one of his activities and entering a set, the Core Weapon team, who worked with the star on the ‘SDC3’ show, surprised him by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

The “Sheep” interpreter looked very excited by the affectionate shows of all his co-workers. After Lay’s entrance, the place was filled with shouting and a good atmosphere.

One of his collaborators gave him a party hat in the shape of a red crown and the singer thanked everyone present for the detail. A large chocolate cake was already waiting for the celebrity. The clip of Lay’s party was posted on the Chinese social network Weibo.

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Fans of the ‘LIT’ singer are celebrating his birthday with various hashtags such as: #HappyLayDay, #Happybirthdayzhangyixing and # 1007Layday, where they post their best wishes for the idol. The mention ‘yixing’ also became a trend on various social networks.

In September this year, it was announced that the singer was creating his own company, which bears the name of Changsha Chromosome Entertainment, we invite you to visit: Lay Zhang creates his own company focused on music production.


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