Lay, Maluma and Kendall Jenner join for the campaign of Calvin Klein


The promotional seeks to give a message of self-acceptance backed by these artists.

The brand announced the launch of its ‘Deal with it’ campaign by sharing a promotional video where different personalities shared a message of self-acceptance by recognizing characteristics that people tend to judge in them, however, the confidence in themselves and the Self-esteem allows them to ignore the comments and say ‘Deal with it / Deal with it’.

This is not the first time that Lay joins Calvin Klein for a clothing brand campaign , however, it is an occasion that brought together celebrities of great popularity in different fields.

Fashion Models also updated its account through Weibo , where it presented a series of Lay’s posters for this campaign:

Kendall Jenner, SZA, Hunter Schafer, Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X and Maluma are those with whom Lay shares a camera during this promotional for the Spring-Summer 2020 line. They all show a powerful and self-confident facet , while modeling Brand clothes.

Some Yi Xing fans have exterminated their discomfort because Lay was one of the few artists who did not have a chat part during the promotional video of this new campaign, however, many others have preferred to focus on being placed as a figure recognized globally that little by little has reaped great triumphs.

Watch the full clip here: