Law & Order: SVU: This is the most disturbing episode of all according to fans


As we well know, Law & Order was on air a decade before Law & Order: SVU, the original story aired nine really impressive seasons that were all the rage at the time, and of course, one of the producers’ biggest ideas was to create a spin-off following the story.

Since then, Law & Order: SVU has surpassed its original story, which is why to date, it continues to be broadcast with a large number of active fans who are broadcasting watching each of these episodes. From that point on, SVU arrived on television introducing viewers to Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

Unlike its original plot, Law & Order: SVU followed a much more delicate formula, since this series does not have a general term, but is initially based on sexual cases ranging from rape to pedophilia.

It is then that it is detailed how the New York Police Department handles these delicate situations and brings the perpetrators to justice. Although certain episodes are somewhat difficult to watch, no one can deny that SVU has the perfect formula to captivate its audience, because in addition, these episodes are based on real life.

At the moment, Law & Order: SVU is in its 23rd season and until then, it continues to position itself as the longest-running primetime drama on US television. He handles it with a lot of professionalism, there is one in particular that is usually the most delicate, according to his fans.

Not all episodes are usually fictional, there are many who use real life incidents as the basis for these chapters, adding one more layer of horror for their audience. For many, the episode titled “Pick” from the second season can be positioned as the most disturbing so far.

This episode focuses on the murder of Veronica Tandy, whom investigators found strangled and stabbed to death. Jason Mayberry (Chad Lowe) was at the top of the suspect list, given her obsession with Tandy, which led to him stalking her and taking pictures of her without her knowing. One of the users described it as follows: “The whole episode was disturbing, but this is one of the ways that child abuse destroys many lives.”