Law & Order: SVU: The Shocking Real Amount Mariska Hargitay Is Paid


Mariska Hargitay from a young age has a passion for acting in her blood, thanks to her mother, who is the actress and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield and her father is the former Mr. Universe, Mickey Hargitay. However, despite the facilities that she had to come from famous parents, the tragedy struck the family when she was three years old, since her mother, the driver and the lawyer died in a car accident, while she and the two of her brothers survived.

After the tragedy, she and her siblings went to live with her father and her third wife, providing the stability she so badly needed. In different interviews, she has revealed that her father helped her become the person that she is. “The message I got from my father was that life is hard, but don’t give up.” “I would get an audition and he would say, ‘How much are you going to work for it?’ So I pushed myself even when I didn’t feel like trying. ”

As we well know, today Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson, in the successful story of criminal investigations Law & Order: SVU has even positioned herself as one of the highest paid actresses on television and, given the transformation by The one Hargitay has gone through to get there has been well deserved.

According to a trusted source, Mariska Hargitay makes about $ 450,000 per episode of Law & Order: SVU, an incredibly staggering amount of money. However, this amount may not seem “so outrageous” compared to the checks of other actresses.

For example, when Friends was at its peak, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow are said to have made history by trading $ 1 million per episode.

After more than two decades, Law & Order: SVU continues to rank as one of the strongest shows airing on NBC, so the fact that Hargitay is one of the highest-paid actresses on television makes sense.

Mariska Hargitay has become so involved in her role that she became an advocate for rape crises in order to better understand her character. She also founded the Joyful Heart Foundation, as she wanted to “do more” to help solve these horrible cases.