Law & Order: SVU: The day the series saved a girl from her kidnapping in real life


Law & Order: SVU has become a huge success, even bigger than its original Law & Order story, as each of its sexual assault stories seem to get more and more shocking. This program broadcast during family hours has managed to alert all the spectating families, even one of its episodes managed to save the life of a girl.

With 22 years on the air, Law & Order: SVU, has been issuing new chapters until today, managing to mark an entire generation with the stories based on real life that are seen on the screens. This year, exactly in the month of May, a girl of just 11 years old managed to escape from her abductor after remembering one of the episodes aired on the NBC program.

According to her account, little Alyssa was waiting for her school bus in Escambia County, Florida, when a man tried to kidnap her. “The man got out of his vehicle with a knife, he came towards me and I tried to run, but he caught me.”

When the perpetrator tried to drag Alyssa away, she struggled so hard that they both fell to the ground, prompting the man to run back to her car and drive away, frustrated from the kidnapping. Of course, after alerting security, authorities captured and arrested the man, in part thanks to an identification clue planted by Alyssa.

While she was waiting to transport her, she was playing with blue paint, and during the attack, she slapped her attacker’s arms. The little girl had this idea thanks to an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

According to her account, in this episode, she managed to observe a potential kidnapping victim “mark” her attacker. “I knew it could be a better test if the police find it,” said the young woman.

Of course, the star protagonist of Law & Order: SVU, Mariska Hargitay, interpreter of Olivia Benson, did not hesitate to speak about this case, and on her social networks she wrote: “I feel very honored to be part of your incredible story” … “I think the SVU squad might have to add slime to their crime fighting team!”