Law & Order SVU: The best sentence that Fin Tutuola has said and the most criticized of the drama


Throughout the Law & Order SVU series’ over 20 years of broadcasting, viewers have been enjoying some amazing moments from the show. In addition to iconic phrases that their main characters have used. However, the one that Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice-T) has said, has become one of the best in the drama, although also one of the most criticized for this reason.

Let’s remember that Fin Tutuola has been in the drama since the second season of the drama, in the year 2000. Which is why viewers have seen clever phrases of the character in the series, however, the one that viewers saw in season 12 of the program, it has become the most characteristic and the most popular on their list.

During Season 12, Episode 4 of “Law & Order: SVU”, titled “Merchandise”, viewers watched as the team deals with a case after a malnourished girl was hit by a car. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) discover soon after that she and her brother were victims of a human trafficking scheme.

Which is why detective Fin goes out into the streets in search of information, until he manages to stop a group of pimps. Those who refuse to speak and start throwing insults. But, Fin has never been the type to let others walk all over him, so he lets them know who he really is in charge of the situation he finds himself in by yelling the iconic line at them:

“Done. Now it’s all my bitches.”

The statement has proven so popular with viewers of the drama, that it made it to The Things’ list of the top 15 End of All Time quotes in the Law & Order SVU drama.

Fin certainly has a way with words in “Law & Order: SVU” because some of them are invented by the actor himself, who is also a popular rapper in the United States, although he seems to have liked acting more and liked it. spend more time.