Law & Order: SVU: Mariska Hargitay was left crying on set after this event


Over the years, Law & Order: SVU has left us extremely surprised with its chilling stories inspired by real life, which is why despite having been released in 1999, it still maintains an incredible number of global audience.

As we well know, Law & Order: SVU has been honored on several occasions for being one of the longest-running programs in television history, which is why Oliva Benson’s interpreter, Mariska Hargitay, was recently the special guest on The Drew Barrymore to talk about her starring role.

However, Mariska was in for a big surprise after Drew Barrymore prepared her birthday surprise and had her best friend Ali Wentworth make an unexpected entrance with a cake in her hand. Let us remember that the actress’s birthday is not until January 23, however, in the program they did not hesitate to miss the opportunity and decided to celebrate it.

Mariska Hargitay was shocked to see her best friend approaching the actress to celebrate her upcoming 58th birthday. She flopped down on the seat before running to hug her friend. Without a doubt, the veteran actress was amazed by the whole show they put on behind her back, and the only thing she could think of to say was: “This is incredible, I’m having a moment.”

At one point in the show, Ali was asked to describe her friend, and she simply stated the following:

“She is a great carnival, she is cheerful, happy and when she enters a room, she lights it up and everyone wants to be close to her”… “She is the only person that if something goes wrong in your life, you call her”.

After these beautiful words from Ali, later she and the actress gave viewers an idea of ​​what her great friendship is, and immediately confessed that every year they always go together to spend their birthdays. It should be noted that they have always been very good friends, they even shared a scene together in Law & Order: SVU in 2019, specifically in season 19.

With the show’s upcoming 24th season expected to hit NBC later this year, Mariska was asked about a possible love scene with Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), and while she didn’t reveal exactly what will happen, she did hint. very much your answer:

“Olivia Benson is hurt, he left me in the lurch for 10 years”… “He is back, the energy is there and Olivia has been in love with him for many years… “I think little by little we are finding the way, but I want to give Kathy Stabler the amount of time she needs to grieve.”