Law & Order: SVU Has Added a Graduate to “Think Like a Criminal” For An Episode That Could Make a Big Difference to Rollins


As “Law & Order: IED” continues to prepare for the departure of Detective Rollins due to the unexpected departure of Kelly Giddish (and following the actress who appeared in “Law & Order: Organized Crime”), the upcoming episode may have a big meaning for her. In fact, SVU hired a talented graduate of the TV series “Think like a Criminal” Lola Glaudini for this case.

According to the message “Give me My Remote,” Lola Glaudini, who played El Greenway in the first two seasons of “Think like a Criminal,” will appear in the episode of the long-running crime drama on November 3. Although there are no details about her character, the episode will focus on an attack at a party that Rollins is investigating, and Glaudini’s character is related to this case. For his part, Benson finds a potential witness who may be exactly what they need.

Coincidentally, this isn’t Lola Glaudini’s first time at SVU. She previously appeared in an episode of season 13, and before that in an episode of season 7 of the TV series “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. In the episodes, she played two different characters, and it seems that the tradition will remain the same.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to say how deep into the case Rollins will go, but given that she tried to occupy herself after she was shot, we can only hope for her sake that this case won’t push her to the edge. It should definitely be interesting to see what happens, especially since Giddish’s departure in December is only about a month away.

Starting with the emotional crossover “Law and Order”, SVU gradually sets up Rollins’ departure, showing the consequences of her trauma in her family life and her work. Of course, Kelly Giddish crushed him. While it sounds like this assault case in the upcoming episode is going to be heavily about Rollins, hopefully she doesn’t go too far and Lola Glaudini’s character does more good than harm.

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Lola Glaudini has been very busy since she left BAU in “Thinking like a Criminal”, as she starred in shows such as “Ray Donovan”, “Agents of Shield” and “Space”, as well as in the films “This Awkward Moment”, “Christmas Kiss 2” and “Murderous reality.” Unfortunately, she’s not among the returning cast for “Thinking Like a Criminal: Evolution,” airing on Paramount+ with a subscription starting in November, but the series will still be interesting as BAU FBI returns for a long-awaited revival.

The episode (called “Controlled Burning”) will air next week, and you won’t want to miss it, especially since one of the graduates of “Thinking Like a Criminal” will join us. It will be nice to see Lola Glaudini on SVU! New episodes of the series “Law and Order: IED” air on Thursdays at 21:00. EST on NBC! Check out the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022 to find out what else to expect.


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