Law & Order: SVU Fans Can’t Survive NBC Pulling Its Chain With a Potential Benson and Stable Romance (again)


There are spoilers ahead for the 12th episode of the 24th season of the TV series “Law and Order: IED”, “Blood is out”.

Given that NBC announced a special Bensler reunion before the last episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” fans felt comfortable waiting for something more romantically specific to finally happen between the former partners. While Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni decorated the stage with all the emotional intentions and goals, thus keeping the audience on their toes to see if they would come together, fans were left more than a little disappointed at the end, with social media documented. their true feelings.

When Benson returned home at the end of the episode “Blood Out”, there was a Stabler who had already picked up Noah earlier in the day. The two of them had a moment, so to speak, and constantly bubbling feelings were clearly present, but when Stabler started KISSING, Benson shockingly pulled away, saying that it couldn’t happen right now because she just wasn’t ready yet. Get rid of the horror below:


Despite the fact that this moment seems to have become the long-awaited lip lock that has completely ruled the L&O conversations since organized crime emerged, fans of the two characters just can’t seem to take a break, even after releasing them for more than 20 seasons. . Many took to Twitter to share their disappointment, and one user portrayed their feelings using a popular Titanic gif that we know all too well.


Given how much fans have longed for Stabler and Benson to go up a notch—or down a notch, according to the Titanic references—it definitely feels like 84 years and an endless cycle have passed. However, the relationship between Stabler and Benson has been slowly reviving since the premiere of “Law and Order: Organized Crime”, so it would be ridiculous NOT to continue hoping that they will connect at this moment.

In the end, it seems that Benson’s feelings for her longtime girlfriend are being held back and need to be released. At least one fan Just wants Her to Accept Stabler’s love:


How television can make us so emotionally attached to fictional characters is no joke, to the point that shouting at our televisions is not only acceptable, but almost necessary when we feel like clowns because we stayed on board this attraction for so long.

It’s as if the showrunners are having too much fun, forcing a devoted audience to wait for some kind of tipping point in the longest “will-they-won’t” relationship on television. And who knows when they will feel the need to stop having fun? Frankly, people are just tired, and one Twitter fan used an A+ clip from Holes from all the projects to describe his feelings:


It’s hard to say if and when Bensler will come to life, and after more than 20 years of waiting, fans are at the peak of expectation, especially considering the shows themselves. Their relationship continued to develop in crossovers with IEDs and Organized Crime, so it’s possible that this will happen later when Benson has more time to think about the consequences. At least we know that love feelings are fully present, even if we don’t know when they will ever be able to affect them. But anyone who has waited this long is probably willing to be patient a little more.

See how the slow-burning relationship between Benson and Stabler continues in the new episodes of the series “Law and Order: IEDs and Organized Crime”, which air on Thursdays starting at 21:00 EST on NBC! Check out CinemaBlend’s TV program for 2023 to find out what else to expect in the coming months.


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