Law & Order: SVU 22×4: Beard returns to defend Mickey


The 22×4 episode of Law & Order: SVU (Law and Order: SVU) brought very exciting parallels with real life. After all, all the characters are trying to deal with the end of 2020, a challenging year for the whole world. However, they must face a crime that affected all those present.

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More details of the 22×4 episode of Law & Order

The beginning of the episode brought a situation that may have been confusing for the fans. Fin announced his engagement to Phoebe, a woman who, despite having already been mentioned in the series, did not know exactly who she was. Soon, the news would have been better received if their relationship had been built on the series.

But, in addition, the episode also begins with the New Year festivities. At various times, the group talks about how they expect 2021 to be better, reflecting the real world once again. Noah even tells Benson that he just wants to leave 2020 behind and have a chance to start over.

However, the SVU team is downsized and the characters cannot enjoy the new year as they would like. After all, they have to deal with AJ’s murder. What made us question Fin’s loyalty …

Let’s explain: Mickey came by and said he needed a break for smoking just as AJ was being transported. So it seems, at the very least, I suspect that he did not realize what was about to happen. So, did he actually ignore the case on purpose?


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