Law & Order: see how the 22nd season premiered


The premiere of the 22nd season of Law & Order this Thursday (12) managed to kill a little of the longing of the fans. After having its last season prematurely interrupted due to the pandemic, history resumed with scenarios very close to our reality.

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More details on the premiere of the 22nd season of Law & Order

In this first episode, protests against police violence and racism in Central Park are (almost literally) on fire. Meanwhile, Amy Cooper, a white woman, called the New York police to report a black man who was “scaring his son”.

The boy starts to hide in the middle of some trees in the park and informs that an injured man is there. When the police arrive, they confront the man, fighting him. Then, the SVU team arrives and realizes that the man in the trees, Eric Aquino, has been raped and fails to identify the aggressor.

A crowd begins to form while Liv and Fin must speed up the victim’s rescue process. Jayvon does not want to cooperate with the investigations. Soon, they arrest him and take him to the police station.

The problem is that Jayvon has some witnesses who are protesting his arrest. He has no reports of violence and is angry that the police have taken up his involvement in the rape. After declaring his innocence, he sues the department and cites the name of Fim and Olivia.

Chief Garland says the process was the result of the anti-police sentiment that has taken over the city and that they should expect more repression. According to him, none of the policemen are safe.

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Olivia gives her testimony about what happened. Her interviewer – a black man – points out that she didn’t even think to check if the white woman could be involved in the crime and says that she checked her record: the woman even had a restraining order in her name! Having all these problems before her, Olivia listens, shocked.

Meanwhile, Rollins and Kat interview a man who was challenging the police in protest and, by coincidence, had Eric oral sex at a bar earlier. However, it is proven that he left shortly thereafter and had nothing to do with the rape.

The next day, Olivia informs Javyon that all charges have been dropped from her name. However, he is still angry, as he lost his job because of what happened. Another proof of how Law & Order can transmit situations that happen in the real world.

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