Law & Order Christopher Meloni Shared a Hilarious Father’s Day Text from His Child and I Love Their Relationship


Another Father’s Day has passed, and on this day we honored all fathers. As you can imagine, several celebrities were also present at the celebration, including Christopher Meloni from the TV series “Law and Order: Organized Crime”. The actor did this by logging into social media on a special day and sharing a hilarious Father’s Day text from his child. And seeing it with my own eyes, I’m really excited about their relationship!

Although many people know Christopher Meloni as a specialist in law and order, this is not his most important job. If you ask him, he will probably say that being the father of his two children. On Father’s Day, the star took to Twitter and shared a very funny text from one of them, who described the amazing experience they had in a drag bar.

I assume that wit is inherited. Needless to say, this is definitely an actor’s child, and you can’t help but like this message. It definitely doesn’t seem to hurt to have a famous parent, although I’m guessing the star’s kids don’t rely too much on that. However, I’m sure they don’t mind having their drinks covered.

While Christopher Meloni is a dad to his children, the actor has also turned into a real “Zaddy” when it comes to the audience what to celebrate. Earlier this year, the former SVU star revealed that she knows what fans think of him, and even posted a viral photo of it. If there’s one thing we know about Meloni, it’s that he’s incredibly self-aware, a trait he seems to have passed on to his descendants.

I really appreciate that his child has the same sense of humor, although it’s hard to say whether it coincides with the sense of humor of the star himself. Last month, he trolled posts accusing him of having a “big ego” and a gym on set, and naturally he proved them wrong by proving them right with a hilarious Instagram video.

61-year-old Christopher Meloni doesn’t mention his two children very often on social media, but when he does, he does it out of love and jokes, like, for example, his recent Instagram post. Hopefully, between his work and social media activity, he will be able to relax and have a drink of his own soon. The star joked that he always tells the bartenders who he is and never gets free drinks. On the other hand, maybe his child can help him in this department.

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