Law and order reigns in the Yellowstone City murder [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant can exclusively present an excerpt from the new western thriller “Murder in Yellowstone City”, which is released in theaters on June 24 from RLJE Films and will be available simultaneously in digital format and on demand. The new film boasts a diverse cast, from screen legend Gabriel Byrne to Thomas Jane from “Space”, Isaiah Mustafa from the “It” franchise, Anna Camp from “The Perfect Voice”, Aimee Garcia from “Lucifer” and many others.

The film “Murder in Yellowstone City” directed by Richard Gray and screenwriter Eric Belgau tells about a former slave named Cicero (Mustafa), who is accused of murdering a prospector who mined gold. Soldier-turned-lawman Sherrif Ambrose (Byrne) is determined to see him pay for the alleged crime, but passionate missionary Alice (Camp) convinces her criminal ex-husband Thaddeus (Jane) that the prisoner is innocent. Together, they must see justice done in the city before Ambrose can lead them all down the path of bloodshed and revenge.

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An exclusive Screen Rant video provided by RLJE Films shows Sheriff Ambrose questioning Thaddeus and Alice about a dead body on their floor. In particular, why Thaddeus took out the bullet on his own.

While Thaddeus tries to convince the sheriff that he is chasing an innocent man, it is clear that Cicero is hiding in the couple’s house, waiting for the air to clear. It is equally clear that Sheriff Ambrose does not care whether Cicero is innocent or not, he just wants to prove that he controls the city, which is quickly slipping out of his hands.

Both the poster, which can be viewed below, and the recently released trailer give the impression that one person is confronting an unfair world, which corresponds to the narrative of revenge and justice that unfolds “Murder in Yellowstone City”. Regardless of whether Thaddeus and his wife Alice succeed in protecting Cicero from the bloodthirsty sheriff, or their faith turns out to be misplaced, it is clear that the city is a powder keg ready to explode, and viewers will get a thrill watching it crumble.

This year RLJE Films has released several intense projects with high stakes. Most recently, the action movie “White Elephant”, starring Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, was released, as well as “The Last Look”, an American-British detective thriller starring Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson and Morena Baccarin. Last but not least, the fantastic sci-fi thriller “Double” starring Karen Gillan, Theo James and Aaron Paul was released in April. “Murder in Yellowstone City” has a duration of 126 minutes and does not yet have a rating.