Lauv reveals if he plans a new collaboration with Jungkook


Jungkook has repeatedly expressed his taste for Lauv’s music, the American singer has worked with BTS on tunes like ‘Who’ and ‘Make It Right’, so don’t be surprised that these two great stars may be collaborating together soon.

Lauv is serving the period of social isolation to avoid COVID-19 infections and from the comfort of his home the singer has conducted a series of interviews where he has shared his thoughts on the impact of Jungkook’s cover of ‘Never Not’ from BTS.

The American performer revealed his admiration for the smallest member of BTS and explained that he had been surprised by the numbers of retweets and likes that Jungkook’s post collected in such a short time.

Knowing Lauv’s reaction, fans wanted to know if the singers were planning a collaboration to enjoy their voices in an original and unpublished track that reflects their talent, with emotional lyrics as BTS and Lauv are accustomed in their record materials.

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Lauv was a special guest on ‘Ask Anything Chat’ where he was questioned about his career, all thoughts on quarantine, he also discussed his future musical plans and whether he would work with BTS’s Jungkook on a song.

The singer said that it would be good to gather his talents and ideas to organize a collaboration, he commented: ‘we will see’, the interpreter of ‘I Like Me Better’ ended by clarifying that it would be incredible to see each other and work as a team once again.


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