Laurita Fernandez Unzipped Everything To Dance


It drove the networks crazy! Laurita Fernandez unzipped everything to dance and nobody was oblivious. The blonde started Friday with everything and shared it with her followers.

Laurita Fernandez drove the networks crazy by dancing with Lali Esposito and no one was oblivious to her already known skill.

The dancer and actress generated comments from celebrities and followers by showing off well, with her pants unbuttoned, moving to the rhythm of “Como como”, Lali’s new song with CNCO.

“Dale, that is Friday. With this theme of very coy and thick artists I had the luxury of interviewing,” Nicolas Cabre’s girlfriend wrote next to the images.

In just a few minutes, Laurita exceeded one hundred thousand reproductions in addition to receiving praise and generating comments of all kinds.

Barby Franco, Lali Esposito and Malena Narvay herself were some of those who couldn’t help writing to Laurita Fernandez, but the funniest and most celebrated was the message from Veronica Lozano who said: “I just did the same and I’m writing from the ambulance of the SAME. ”

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