Laurie Laughlin’s reaction to Olivia Jade dyeing her hair Aunt Becky’s shade of red: “It’s a little creepy”


As a mother as a daughter. Olivia Jade Giannulli’s new red hair color evokes Lori Laughlin’s memories of her days in a “Full House.”

The 22-year-old YouTube creator unveiled her new look via Instagram on Tuesday, April 5, sharing a series of bikini selfies on social media. Giannulli also included a screenshot of a message she sent to her 57-year-old mother showing off her new fiery red hair color. In response, Laughlin simply shared a screenshot from the episode “Full House”, in which her character, Aunt Becky, is painted in the same shade of red.

“Well, it’s a little creepy, isn’t it? Ha ha!” Giannulli replied to her mom.

The “Dancing with the Stars” graduate became a household name after Laughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli pleaded guilty to fraud in May 2020 after they were accused of paying bribes to get their daughters enrolled at the University of Southern California. The couple also have a 23-year-old Bella.

The “When the Heart Calls” alum served two months in prison, and 58-year-old Mossimo served five months.

“I feel like a huge part of privilege is not knowing that you have privileges, and so when it was happening, it didn’t seem wrong,” Giannulli said during an appearance on Red Table Talk in December 2020. “I also felt very misunderstood. It seems to me that the picture that was painted to me is not who I am. I’m not that cheeky girl who doesn’t want to change anything. Also, I understand why people are angry, and I understand why people say hurtful things, and so would I if I wasn’t in my boat.”

She continued, “I took my privilege and all my blessings for granted and never thought about it.”

Although she had previously stated that there was “no excuse” for her parents’ actions, Giannulli still wanted to protect her mother from the public shame that the family had endured. “Despite the fact that I was also dragged negatively, it didn’t affect me as much as the fact that they threw all this on my mother,” the beauty guru admitted in November 2021 in the issue of the podcast “Conversations with Olivia Jade”. “She really took it all on her back, exclusively. There are many people who have been in this case, and many other parents, and I do not know the name of another person.”

Describing Laughlin as “the most incredible mother in the world,” Giannulli added that the angry comments about her family affected her more than the attacks she received: “I think it’s interesting that when I read something about myself… it will have the same effect on me if I read it about our own mom.”