Laurent Kérusoré confides in the role of Thomas!


Very attached to his role of Thomas Marci in Plus belle la vie, Laurent Kérusoré confided in his character. In the episodes of Plus belle la vie currently broadcast on France 3, Thomas Marci sets up his own restaurant. A great challenge for both the character and the actor, Laurent Kérusoré.

No one can dissociate Laurent Kérusoré from Thomas Marci, his character in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, the actor has portrayed him on screen since 2005.

So, we can say that he carries the Marseille soap opera. And this is not to displease the viewers who, over time, became more than attached to him!

Thus, the writers of Plus belle la vie are scrambling to insert it into the heart of each crazier plot than the next. And it must be said that the current one pleases him a lot.

In short, his character and Barbara, a chef and former colleague, have just started their own restaurant. You know, Le Marci, located just in front of his illustrious father’s bar on the Place du Mistral.

However, Laurent Kérosuré why loves this plot so much? Because it is a real challenge! According to the comedian, she was not one of the easiest to play.

This is what he told our colleagues at Télé-Loisirs this Thursday, February 11. “With Michel Cordes (Editor’s note: Roland), we shot thousands of sequences together,” he first explained.

Before specifying: “then, shooting a real shouting match like those of Roland and Thomas was difficult for us. “So, for this scene, the star of France 3 had to put a lot of his own.

“That’s why I allowed myself to sugarcoat it a bit. I watched the opening episode of the restaurant with my mom the other day and thought it was going to make people react, “he said.


As a reminder, Thomas and Roland are at war in Plus belle la vie. Attention spoilers! So much so that the patriarch of the Mistral asked his son not to bear the name “Le Marci” for his restaurant.

And for good reason, the latter does not want to be associated with his business which he considers competing with his. So, tired of fighting against his child, Roland Marci will end up leaving the neighborhood.

But, always with our colleagues, Laurent Kérusoré assures us that it is not Thomas’s fault! “No, it’s not Thomas who’s going to make Roland leave. In any case, we can’t leave things like that between them, ”he said.

Moreover, the two actors of Plus belle la vie also adore each other when they are not on the sets. Yet modest, Michel Cordes had made a nice statement to his fictional son, by the way!