Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy welcome their first child after struggling with fertility


In September 2021, the couple announced that the 33-year-old model was pregnant with baby No. 1. “The belief that God’s time is perfect for us to become parents and for this child to be born made the process of creating a child incredibly enriching. , joyful, but at times difficult, funny, but painful at certain moments, and made our marriage even stronger and sweeter!” the author of “Still Lolo” signed her speech on Instagram at the time. “It is a great honor for us to have the opportunity to conduct IVF with the most incredible doctors and nurses. It was really the most special and magical process at every step of the way.”

The future star then wrote that she and 40-year-old Kennedy “treasured” the time spent as a married couple after their wedding in Texas in December 2014, but were happy to “add another little nugget to the family.”

An entertainment journalist added in a post at the time, “This is happening. …Many of you have been praying for us and wishing us all the best on this four-and-a-half-year journey. We hope that this news will inspire everyone who is undergoing IVF or any struggle with fertility. Thank you for your concern and always ask for updates, it’s nice to be loved, and we love you in return.”

The following month, the couple informed their Instagram followers of the gender of their future arrival.

“My wife just said, ‘Give me a break. What am I growing?” the Florida native said in footage shot in October 2021. When Scruggs said she had “just grown a penis,” Kennedy replied: “It’s a boy. Wu!”

Struggling to conceive their first child, the couple “got close” last year, California native Katherine Schwarzenegger said in an Instagram video in January 2021.

“We’re growing as individuals, we’re getting healthier,” Scruggs told the 32—year-old author of The Gift of Forgiveness about the time spent waiting. “There are so many positive things. Something is missing in your life — it may be too cruel — if you are so worried [about conception]. What makes your response so intense?”

Kennedy chimed in: “I believe there is a plan for us, and when we have to have a baby, it will happen. … We know there will be ups and downs. We hope that we will have more ups than downs.”