Lauren Conrad May Appear on The Hills Rewatch Podcast


After all, Lauren Conrad may not be done with The Hills yet, as she may be appearing on Audrina Partridge, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado’s new reality TV podcast. The former stars released a trailer for their podcast on June 27, but Spencer Pratt told fans about the podcast a few months ago. The star admitted that he stopped his series of repeat views of TikTok The Spills because he did not want to give his former colleagues any ideas for their podcast, in which he was not asked to participate. News of their podcast came more than a month after Kristin Cavallari announced that she and her ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti would host a podcast about the revision for The Hills’ predecessor, Laguna Beach.

Fans first met Lauren at Laguna Beach High School, who desperately wanted Steven to leave Kristin for her. MTV quickly picked up the popularity of the fashion designer and in 2006 launched The Hills, which followed Lauren to Los Angeles and demonstrated a more mature lifestyle. Despite her popularity, the star left the reality show in the fifth season, and was replaced by Kristin. Lauren, who has spoken openly about how participating in the reality show has affected her mental well-being, did not join the show in 2018 The year for The Hills: New Beginnings. Audrina, Brody and Frankie did appear in the series, which, unfortunately, was canceled in January after only two seasons. MTV did not give a reason for the cancellation, but fans suggested that it could be due to the fact that the actors did not get along with each other.

Although Lauren leads a much more private life these days and has left her life on reality TV in the past, she may rarely return to the Hills via a new re-watch podcast. After the trailer was released, Audrina, Brody and Frankie talked to People about the new podcast Was It Real? In the trailer, the stars mention several names, such as Justin Bobby Brescia, who dated Audrina from time to time throughout the series, and Spencer, who may or may not have forgiven his friend Brody for doing the podcast without him. However, everyone wants to know if Lauren will show up? “Brody, Frankie and I really talked about it in the first two podcasts, about how cool it would be if she came out,” Audrina shared.

The 37-year-old man continued: “Maybe in the end, because all three of us will go on trips to Cabo together. We all have so many amazing memories—even behind the scenes— that would be fun to talk about. So I don’t know. Don’t know. We’ll see. Maybe with time. Although Lauren seems determined to erase her time spent in the Hills from her memory, the star has returned to the show several times. Lauren talked about her time on the reality show during E! A 2014 special show called Pop Innovators and visited the show again in 2016 in connection with its 10th anniversary in a special edition of MTV’s “It Was Then, It’s Now”. Lauren also hung out with her Laguna Beach co-stars during the 2020 virtual reunion to promote voter registration.

It seems Lauren is unlikely to want to return to the show again. In the past, she admitted that she had to leave The Hills to recover emotionally, and admitted that she still gets nervous when watching reality TV. However, for the sake of her old friends and their podcast, perhaps Lauren will play a small cameo role, although it is unlikely that she will want to appear in the same episode in which one of her former enemies may be.