Laurel’s story shown to support the legalization of drugs


The latest episode This Is Us shows the story of Randall and his drug-addicted mother, making a great emotional and wake-up call in favor of the decriminalization of drugs.

This Is Us describes the terrible cost not only of addiction, but also of the laws that surround it in a subtle and illustrative way, with the Randall case they have decided to abort the issue of decriminalization or legalization of drugs.

In This Is Us, Laurel had been off drugs and was clean throughout her pregnancy but sadly, after the traumatic and unexpected birth of her child, the pain is so great that she takes heroin to ease it.

This decision caused Laurel to lose her lover, her child, and her freedom all at once. When she dies, William flees with Randall and, overwhelmed by the enormity of losing Laurel, leaves her young son at a fire station in This Is Us.

As she recovers alone in the hospital, Laurel is scorned by the nurses and then arrested for drug possession as soon as she is well enough to be arrested. She is offered no consolation or compassion for her situation in This Is Us.

The decriminalization process has already begun in the United States. However, there is still some resistance to the idea. Notably, in the late 1970s, when This Is Us’s Laurel was facing charges, this idea was not part of the cultural conversation.

If Laurel from This Is Us had received compassionate care after her overdose and her addiction treated as a health issue rather than a criminal issue, it is possible that William and Laurel would have reunited.

Yes, Randall ended up being adopted into a loving family and went on to lead a full life, but the unknowns of his past have also caused trauma. Meanwhile, William and Laurel had to live with their own trauma due to what happened in This Is Us.