Laura Maria Ripa Pietro Lombardi can’t forgive this!


Some things are simply unforgivable! Laura Maria Ripa (26) and her Pietro Lombardi (30) could hardly be happier at the moment. Soon they will become parents for the first time. But their relationship so far has been ups and downs because they have already made several attempts. However, since June they have officially become a couple again. However, there is something that Laura still can’t forgive her Pietro!

In their podcast “Laura and Pietro – On Off”, Laura and Pietro now talk about how they handle the Shitstorm theme. Because soon after their separation, he uttered the phrase “I was a means to an end,” and this caused a strong wave of hatred in Laura. His girlfriend even received threats from her fans in angry comments. The expectant mother is still offended by a loved one for this rash act, because her family also suffered from the current situation. She called him and said: “You can insult me, but you made my mother cry! Shame on you!”

Laura also recently revealed how much Pietro let off steam with her before the relationship. They say he was a real womanizer. “Wherever I went —at every event Pietro definitely had something with one,” she says. But he doesn’t seem to be offended by it anymore, because she said it with a laugh.


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