Laura community tells about the new Destiny 2 Glaive from Season of the Haunted


As Bungie continues to expand the Destiny 2 universe, the studio is not shy about using the deepest parts of its knowledge to create a game narrative. Characters and events that were previously mentioned only in ent regularly get into the main game and cause the emergence of new theories in the gaming ent community about what may be on the horizon. This is still the case in the game’s final season, Season of the Haunted, as a new glaive forces the knowledge community to talk about one of its longest-standing mysteries again.

Ghost Season is the current season of content for Destiny 2, in which the Leviathan of Calusa returns, which now hangs ominously in orbit around the Moon. The Guardians join Eris Morn, Raven, Zavala and Empress Cayatl in investigating a huge ship captured by darkness and nightmares, after somehow communicating with a sleeping pyramid ship discovered under the surface of the Moon in Shadowkeep 2019. Raven, Zavala, and Kayatl also discover that they are haunted by the nightmares of their past, and they must confront them in hopes of preventing Kalus from following in Rulke’s footsteps and becoming an apprentice Witness.

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However, a new glaive from Season of the Haunted seems to suggest that another student of the Witness may be a mysterious character who has been baffling the Destiny—Nezrek knowledge community for almost five years. The Glaive, Nezarek’s Whisper, is the focus of a post by Reddit user birdsong04, which states that knowledge of the weapon confirms that this mysterious character is real and connected to the Witness. Bird further suggests that the “Last God of Pain” was a disciple who had power over the Lunar Pyramid and deserted the Witness at some point before the Collapse.

Youtuber MyNameIsByf also talked about Nezarek and Nezarek’s Whisper in one of his recent videos, repeating the same theories as in Byrd’s post.

Considering how little information Bungie has provided about Nezarek, it is not surprising that thanks to this new glaive, the interest of the expert community has increased. Nezarek’s name has been mentioned only twice in the last five years, and one of these mentions is questionable, given the nature from which it came. For the first time, it was the namesake of the Sin of Nezarek, an exotic warlock helmet, where the knowledge tab talks about this hated god of pain.

The second was in the book of knowledge “Gambit of the Wanderer”, where the Wanderer offers the famous hunter Shin Malfur to visit the “fourth tomb of Nezarek”. However, the Wanderer is a character known for exaggerating or outright lying about parts of his past; he cannot be considered a reliable source.

However, players can argue that Bungie can sow new seeds for a character that will debut in the game in the near future. This won’t be the first time Bungie has done this, as several characters seen in the game over the past two years have been introduced to the lore for the first time. One of the most notable is Eramis, who is first mentioned in Lore as the mind behind the Fallen’s attempt to steal the Prime Flash in the exotic Zero Hour mission. Only time will tell whether Nezrek will receive such treatment or whether they will remain a mystery that will continue to haunt the Destiny knowledge community years later.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.