Laundered 6 Million Euros with Crypto Money: Arrested


In an incident in Spain, the criminal who used 6 million euros worth of crypto money for money laundering was arrested. It was alleged that the criminal was affiliated with a Colombian-based drug organization.

A new one has been added to money laundering incidents using crypto money. According to the news reflected in the Spanish press, the drug dealer of Dutch origin was caught as a result of long studies. Spanish police did not reveal the identity of the criminal. The criminal, known to be a Dutch citizen, allegedly worked for the Spanish unit of the Colombian-based Cali Cartel drug organization.

Lots of valuable items were captured

According to the information shared by the Spanish police, the drug dealer was involved in money laundering of 6 million euros using cryptocurrencies. It was claimed that the criminal, who was caught after an operation in a villa in the city of Merballa, in the province of Malaga in Spain, was affiliated with the Cali Cartel, a drug organization established in Colombia.

It is known that the Cali Cartel is responsible for a lot of drug trafficking crimes, especially in various countries of Europe. It is estimated that the organization is active in the Netherlands and England.

According to the statements of the Spanish authorities, many valuable items were seized during the operation. These include 85,000 euros in cash, three cars, watch watches, credit cards linked to accounts with cryptocurrencies, various phones and computers. In addition, the police seized 170 thousand dollars of crypto money in the Netherlands.

Theft in the crypto money exchange

A new news about crimes committed using crypto coins has also come in recent weeks. According to the announcements, 250 thousand dollars worth of crypto money was stolen from the Cryptopia exchange. It was alleged that the thief was a former employee of the exchange, and customer information was stolen along with money. It is known that the criminal in question went to court and the amount allegedly stolen was returned to its owner.


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