Laundered $ 2 Million with Crypto Money and Luxury Cars


New Zealand police caught someone who spent luxury spending using cryptocurrencies and laundering more than $ 2 million while doing so.

In the incident in New Zealand, a 40-year-old man who laundered money in various ways after police operations was caught. According to the information shared by a news site, the person who requested anonymity at the hearing; He is facing more than 30 charges for the money he laundered over his crypto money, luxury car and property expenses. It was announced that the balance sheet after the operation was 2.19 million dollars in total.

In the incident, it was stated that the anonymous person acquired thousands of New Zealand Dollars to use for money laundering and then used them to buy crypto money. This person, who also laundered money through the purchase of two luxury vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, bought land from a district of New Zealand for the same purpose. In the continuation of the accusations, it is stated that the person received a large amount of money from a bank with a fake identity.


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