Launched a tool to raise money through the Instagram app


Instagram users will be able to use their profiles to raise funds for different types of causes. The novelty was released by the platform on Tuesday (21), first reaching a selected group of people in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom, who will be able to test it in the Android version of the app.

The fundraising tool on Instagram will make it possible to raise money for a personal cause, to contribute to small businesses that are going through a time of crisis or to help a friend in difficulty, for example.

According to the social network, the stories that occurred during the pandemic of the new coronavirus and in the anti-racist protests that have taken to the streets of the United States in recent weeks, inspired the launch of the new feature, which will be made available later in the iOS app.

Requests to raise money on Instagram can be created in the “Edit profile” menu, under the option “Add fundraising”. The user will have the opportunity to add an image, choose the category in which the online kitty fits, tell his story to encourage others to donate and enter payment information.

Orders will be reviewed

According to Instagram, all donation requests made through the platform will be reviewed by the social network team. The aim is to ensure that the causes are really eligible and to prevent fraud.

After approval, the kitty can be published, being available for 30 days, with the possibility of extending the fundraising period once, for another 30 days. The user interested in raising funds must be at least 18 years old.

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With respect to donors, they will be able to hide their information from the public, but not from the creator of the event, who will see the user’s and profile’s name and the value of the collaboration. At the end, the amount collected will be transferred to the designated bank account.


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