Launch of OnePlus Buds wireless headphones


In addition to having revealed the Nord intermediate phone, OnePlus took advantage of its augmented reality event held today (21) to showcase the OnePlus Buds, 100% wireless headsets of the brand. The product has a design similar to live TWS Neo, but with a different finish and more robust specifications.

Weighing just 4.7 grams, the headphones feature 13.4mm dynamic drivers, three microphones each and a 35mAh battery, guaranteeing about seven hours of use. The transport box comes with an internal power source of 430 mAh, bringing autonomy of up to 30 hours for OnePlus Buds.

The charging of the headphones happens through a USB-C connection in the box. According to the company, the product brings the same Fast Charge technology present in the brand’s mobile phones and can have up to 10 hours of use guaranteed with just 10 minutes in the socket.


The new wireless headset from OnePlus is IPX4 certified, which guarantees water resistance, and comes with Bluetooth 5.0. The product has Fnatic mode, which allows you to use the phone in low latency, reaching up to 103 milliseconds.

OnePlus made the product compatible with Google Fast Pair technology, ensuring more agility when connecting the phone for the first time with other devices. The presence of three microphones in the earbuds also allows the use of ambient noise cancellation.

The user can still use the extra microphones to eliminate background noise during calls. The process of answering and rejecting calls can be performed directly on OnePlus Buds, which provide support for commands via gestures.

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Pricing and availability

The OnePlus Buds will hit the market soon in gray, white and blue. Like the OnePlus Nord, the product will be available first in Europe and India for around US $ 79, about R $ 411 in direct conversion.

More information about OnePlus Buds is available on the manufacturer’s website.


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