Launch date for Twitter Spaces has been announced


Twitter Spaces, where you can have clubhouse-like voice chats, has been updated today. In a chat room hosted by the company at night, the date when this feature will be available to everyone was finally shared.

Currently only accessible to a limited audience, the platform appeals to iOS and Android users with its Beta version. However, the latest news received today reveal that in a very short time, everyone can benefit from Spaces.

Twitter Spaces will be open to everyone on that date!

Tonight, in a public chat room opened by Twitter officials, the developers shared the good news with the participants. According to the statements made, the Spaces application is aimed to be available to everyone as of April.

For those who have not yet had the chance to experience the application, Twitter Spaces allows users to open voice chat rooms; or it is a communication application that will be attended to existing rooms. Up to 10 speakers in total are supported at the same time. The number of participants can be unlimited.

So long story short, this service is almost identical to the Clubhouse application on iOS right now. While the trend application of recent times inspired many similar ones in a short time; It is noteworthy that Twitter is among them. What are your expectations about Twitter Spaces? Have you started using it yet? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!


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