Latin American youtuber appears in Fortnite


A Mexican will appear in the popular Battle Royale of Epic Games, we tell you how you can find him. Fortnite, Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale, has been a phenomenon in which artists such as Travis Scott have featured through his astronomical concert, Christopher Nolan himself with the debut of the Tenet trailer within the same game, and endless interactions ranging from DC Comics superheroes such as the Flash skin, the recent collaboration with the costumes of the Disney icon, Tron or the wild hearts event on recent dates on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Mexican talent within Forntnite

Content creators such as David Cánovas, better known as TheGrefg have had the opportunity to have a skin within the game and now it was the turn of a Latin American, since the Mexican youtuber Blend Freshon will be part of the title that can be played well on Android phones , PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. This will present the stations within the game, which will allow battle royale players to listen to it by using an OG Bear or a Whiplash, in true GTA V style.

This announcement was made through an official statement we received from Epic Games where two new stations were listed: Radio Underground and Rock Campal, which are in addition to the existing ones:

Beat box
Powerful Song
Campal Party
Radio Flame
Rocket League Radio
This event as such represents the debut of Latin American content creators within Fortnite and may be the first step for future collaborations of another type with local talent. These could come later with the weekly updates for Season 5, which has been full of surprises, challenges and missions.

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