Last of Us: Pics From The Set of The Series Are Very Reminiscent of The Game’s Look


Great news for The Last of Us fans! The Last of Us Updates Twitter account has posted several pics from the series set showing Boston’s Quarantine Zone and they look very similar to the original game’s look! Check it out below:

The HBO series was billed as one of the most expensive productions in the works, which may explain the level of fidelity of the setting. Shooting is taking place in Canada, and the pilot, which was recently completed, is expected to cover the game’s prologue, showing Joel’s life as a single parent in Texas who must escape the initial spurt.

Unfortunately, the release date has yet to be confirmed, but according to rumors, the series should be released at the end of next year.

So, are you excited to follow this adaptation of Joel and Ellie’s journey? Let us know in the comments section!