Last of Us Part 2: Laura says she can’t accept Abby


Despite being one of the most awarded games at the Game Awards 2020, The Last of Us Part II generated a lot of division in some players due to its troubled history. Laura Bailey, an actress who plays Abby and gives voice to hundreds of other characters in the games, expected to share her opinions about the plot of the Naughty Dog game, but was surprised that she herself did not accept the character very well.

In an interview with the Game Informer portal, the woman said that the leaks helped people see scenes out of context and jump to conclusions. However, the actress herself did not like the character initially, but ended up realizing that it was really not meant to be appreciated. Check out an excerpt from the interview:

“It was difficult, but I think it’s an incredible story, and I think Abby is one of the most incredible characters I’ve ever played. I knew the story; I knew what I was getting into, and when ‘Day One’ came with Abby, I still didn’t like her, “explained Laura.

“I didn’t like my performance. I didn’t like the character. I remember playing for about three hours on ‘Day One’ as Abby and telling my husband that I didn’t like what I did. He said to keep playing because I was obviously very biased at the moment. And while I continued the game, I thought: Ah, ok, I just had to get used to it because I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like Abby “, he added.

Despite not liking the character and questioning her own performance at first, Bailey took the statuette in the ‘Best Performance’ category at The Game Awards for her interpretation. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Last of Us Part II is available exclusively for PS4 – it is also available via backwards compatibility on PS5.

Is that you? Did you also have a little difficulty in accepting the character? Comment with us in the comments section below!


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