Last Of Us 2: An Elderly Couple Hires A Tutor To Learn How To Play The Game


Last Of Us 2: Craigslist is a sort of classifieds page that is very popular in the United States with all kinds of services offered and sought after — including scams and potential scams. But the request of a retired couple involving The Last of Us Part 2 stirred the hearts of some gamers and, in the end, it was an unusual request for help.

It all started when a user posted on the PlayStation 4 subforum on Reddit a Craigslist screenshot containing an advertisement made by 79-year-old former secretary Karen Klein. She and her husband, an 81-year-old retired military man named Bruce, were looking for a “tutor” to teach them how to master the Naughty Dog game.

According to the report on the Kotaku website, the couple was looking for hobbies for moments of the pandemic and because Bruce has limited movement. They only came across the gaming universe in 2021, but they have already decided to face a bolder title right away.

Looking for help

After unsuccessfully trying to start Ellie’s campaign but willing to move forward, the couple realized they needed “professional” help from a young man with patience and practical knowledge. Even with all the aids guaranteed by the game, they had difficulty pressing action buttons and walking around the map in places that required the use of a horse.

Karen and Bruce then published on Craigslist to look for a “tutor” with patience and availability to teach commands and explain the controls in person—provided he is properly vaccinated against covid-19.