Last minute: The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis… Statements come one after another


The crisis between Russia and Ukraine, which the whole world is watching with its breath, increases its severity. While the tension on the border line continues to rise, statements continue to come one after another. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described the threat to European peace for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “very very serious”. While the Washington Administration gave time for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski held a phone call. On the other hand, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov announced that his country received 180 tons of ammunition from the United States.
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The latest developments regarding the crisis between Russia and Ukraine are as follows;

21:15 – US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Valdimir Zelenskiy spoke on the phone. In the statement made by the White House, it was noted that Biden reiterated the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, making it clear that the United States, together with its allies and partners, will respond swiftly and decisively to any Russian aggression against Ukraine. stated stated. In the statement, it was reported that Biden and Zelensky agreed on “diplomacy and deterrence” in response to Russia’s military buildup on the Ukrainian border.

21:05 – Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba announced that the Ukrainian authorities called for a meeting within 48 hours with Russia and other countries that are members of the Vienna Document, citing “Russia’s failure to respond to the request for information on military activities”.

20:10 – Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced that his country received 180 tons of ammunition from the United States. Reznikov shared the message “Our friends are not sleeping” on Twitter. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense also announced that defense aid was sent to Ukraine over the weekend.

19:45 – Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby attends Fox News Sunday. Asked what kind of intelligence had been obtained to suggest that Russia would invade Ukraine, Kirby replied: “It was actually a combination of factors. It’s an intelligence mosaic we see. I can’t speak specifically, but our good intelligence sources and they are telling us that the situation is destined to be a kind of crescendo opportunity for Putin.”


Addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin, German President Steinmeier said, “Do not underestimate the power of democracy. We want a peaceful neighbourhood, we want mutual respect. Take the rope off Ukraine’s neck, let’s look for a solution together,” he said.

Steinmeier, who warned of the growing danger of war in Europe and blamed Russia for the tense security situation around Ukraine, said, “We are in the middle of a military conflict, a war in Eastern Europe, and Russia is responsible for it.” President Steinmeier said: “It is impossible to misunderstand Russia’s troop deployment. This is a threat to Ukraine. But the Ukrainian people have the right to live without fear and threat, to self-determination and sovereignty. “We will resolutely respond to anyone who tries to destroy it,” he said.

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Last minute: The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis… Statements come one after another

18.10 – Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to US President Joe Biden, said today that Russia may invade Ukraine this week. Sullivan, on the other hand, stated that they have hope that diplomacy will prevail. “We continue to work on diplomacy, but we are also prepared to respond in a united and determined manner with our allies and partners if Russia advances,” Sullivan said.

18.00 – While the Washington Administration gives time for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has been announced that US President Joe Biden will have a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski.

17.45 – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz describes the threat to European peace as “very very serious”. Making a brief assessment after the presidential election in the parliament, Scholz said, “If there is a military attack against Ukraine, the reactions and the sanctions we carefully prepared will come into play.”

17.30 – Ukraine has promised to keep its airspace open for international travel, despite warnings that Russian troops conducting exercises near the Western borders could take action for an invasion at any time.