Last Minute: Strike announces a great partnership! Bitcoin all over the world!


The big news for today came from Jack Mullers. After talking for about half an hour, Jack detonated the bomb. Strike is a company engaged in cryptocurrency payments, and now it is cooperating with a major e—commerce giant. For a few minutes, Jack talked about how bad traditional payment systems are, and announced the decision.

Purchases with cryptocurrencies

Through its partnership, Strike will offer cryptocurrency investors the opportunity to use bitcoin for purchases. It was announced that the main partner is Shopify. Shopify Inc. is an online sales platform headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Moreover, Mallers also announced the start of a partnership with NCR in the field of POS.

Accordingly, buyers and sellers will be able to pay directly with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world without any restrictions. So what is the advantage of this? The biggest advantage for buyers and sellers is the elimination of banks. For example, when paying $ 100, depending on the bank’s commission rates, $ 98 is credited to the seller’s account on average for 1 week. Jack Mullers believes that this is unfair and that brokers incur losses for not doing anything.

Don’t use the Boomer card

The magnetic cards (Visa, MasterCard) that we use now, Jack calls BoomerCard. Speaking about the fact that they have been imposing the same system on us since 1949, Jack Mullers says that transactions can be made using the Bitcoin Lightning Network with zero commission. If Jack manages to make his dreams come true, and it will be widely recognized by sellers, all countries of the world will be like El Salvador.

“Lightning Network is a global payment network that reduces costs, increases speed, promotes innovation, expands financial accessibility and gives consumers and companies the opportunity to choose.”

Thanks to the integration of Strike, Shopify businesses can accept payments worldwide and save on final cash payments and transaction fees. Strike integration allows Shopify companies to diversify their existing payment methods and enter untapped global markets and purchasing power. Strike integration also allows Shopify sellers to save money through low-cost cash registers. Strike instantly converts bitcoin payments into dollars, eliminating certain difficulties that companies face when storing bitcoins.

Strike integration uses the underlying technology of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, providing instant, global, final cash payments, eliminating outdated transaction fees such as swaps, providing an alternative to traditional card networks. Strike integration is available to any consumer worldwide with a Bitcoin Lightning network-enabled wallet, including more than 70 million CashApp users.

Strike allows users to instantly send and receive payments anywhere without any additional fees. Strike is built on the Bitcoin network, the largest global, compliant and open payment standard. Strike believes that open payment networks provide universal participation in the financial system and launch a new digital economy with truly unlimited money transfers.